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Modern Essentials Handbook - 10th Edition

Modern Essentials Handbook - 10th Edition

The Modern Essentials Handbook is designed to cover all the basics on essential oil uses in an easy-to-use format. Perfect for new users just learning about essential oils as well as experienced users who are looking for a condensed and simplified reference book.


The complete usage guide outlines how to safely and efficiently use pure, therapeutic grade oils for hundreds of health conditions-mental, physical and emotional.Simply search your 'condition' and the book suggests specific essential oils, how to use them and how to dilute them. Alternatively, look up the essential oil you have to learn about all the different applications you can use it for. The essential oils are listed in alphabetical order at the front of the book and the symptoms are listed at the back.


The book details doTERRA's specifically targetted blends as well as their other products such as their range of supplements, their probiotic powder, their trim shakes and Cellular Vitality Complex. It also covers massage and reflexology techniques and even includes recipes such as bath bombs, body scrub, lotions, perfume, and Basil Pesto Chicken.


It is beautifully designed with charts, graphs and colourful images teaching you all there is to know about each essential oil and blend. With a notes section in the back, you can create and concoct your own blends and recipes as well as add your own tips and tricks on essential oils.


The encyclopedia is relatively small in size making it portable and convenient to use.


Publication: September 2017, 9th Edition.

Pages: 352.

Binding: Softcover.