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DIY: Pink Pepper Pre-Game Massage Oil

A pre-game massage can be performed anytime from two days until immediately before a sporting event, however, right before the event is the most common time for this type of massage.

A pre–game massage increases the blood supply to the muscles. This is important for the muscles to be able to perform in top shape during an event.

Having a massage before a game can assist with mobility of joints. Looser, more flexible joints can be an important advantage, especially in activities where being limber is important.

Massage feels good and is an enjoyable way to unwind before a game. Massage can help with pre-game jitters and improve mental outlook and enthusiasm.

A massage can accomplish many of the same goals as a warm up would. Pre-game massage is useful for stretching the tissues in preparation for an event.



5 drops of Eucalyptus

3 drops of Ginger

3 drops of Pink Pepper

2 drops of Lavender

2 drops Spearmint

2 drops of Laurel Leaf

20 mL Fractionated Coconut Oil Method

1. Mix all ingredients well together and store in an air tight glass jar

2. Use before your big game or sporting activity for an invigorating massage to get your body and muscles ready

3. Store away from direct light

4. Use within 2 weeks

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