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DIY: Deodorant Stick

Switching to a natural deodorant could seriously benefit your health… lemme break it down for you.

What you put in your body matters– you know this (I hope). What you eat massively affects how you feel, so it’s important to care about the foods you consume. Check.

BUT did you know that it’s just as important to care about what goes ON your body, not just IN it?

Your skin absorbs what you put on it. Plain and simple. How much it absorbs depends on who you talk to (a common figure is around 60%), but the fact that it absorbs what you’re putting on it at all is enough to rethink your personal care products.

I mean, look at the lotion you’re using. Do you even know what half of those ingredients are? Because I never used to…

The majority of personal care products out there are filled with synthetic chemicals- ingredients that make skin feel smoother (temporarily and on the surface), smell good (at least for a while), and appear brighter (if only for a second).

What’s lurking in your deodorant? Definitely not things you’d want to ingest, and yet your skin is doing that for you.



8 drops Litsea

6 drops Tea Tree

6 drops Lemongrass

¼ cup aluminum free baking soda

¼ cup arrowroot or cornstarch

3–5 tablespoons coconut oil


Combine baking soda, arrowroot, and essential oil in bowl.

Combine coconut oil with other ingredients, one tablespoon at a time, until mixture is at desired consistency.

Press firmly into empty deodorant container and let sit until coconut oil solidifies.

Apply daily for fresh, healthy pits

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