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This is Me!

The original co-founder of The Wellness A Team.  I live in Sydney, NSW, and I am a holistic wife and mother to 2 beautiful children. 

My journey started in 2016 out of desperation to find a more natural solution for my son's recurring Staph infections and psoriasis.  With the help of an old friend and naturopath, I was able to implement changes into my home and began to see some immediate results. This gave me the confidence to explore further into the world of gut health, nutrition, essential oils and a non-toxic household.

I know that I made the right decision and that I have been able to make so many positive changes not only for myself but also for my family:  for our general health, wellbeing and future. 

I have changed the way that my family and I live and we can now live our passion, be part of a revolution, do something rewarding, empowering and more! Come on the journey with me, make a change for the better, empower yourself, make conscious choices, pass it on and feel content.


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